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Member Awards

Edna Budine award  

- Created by Judge Budine in honor of his wife's memory.  They were charter members who did a lot to build the club.  Peter son was an attorney also did a lot for the club -   

 A woman who has done a lot for the betterment of the club.    


Sportsmanship Award

- Unknown origin - A man who has done a lot for the betterment of the club. 

Judith ann McCarthy - Jr, Sportsman Award - in memory of Judith  

Ann McCarthy 1951 -1971 - A child or teen who has done things for the betterment of the club. 



Commodore's Award

- outstanding and dedicated service - in memory of Dr. and Mrs. Robert Knight - A person or persons, who have been of great help to the Comodore.  Often given to a couple; either they both helped, or one helped and the other supported by keeping things on track on the home front.   

Bob DeWolf camping award

- In memory of Bob DeWolf who was camping chair for several years, did a lot to improve campground and the club -   A person who exemplifies enjoyment of camping or has promoted camping 


Perpetual Award

- presented by Ann & Barney Smith - this is just a plaque, not an award.  Each time an award "category" is created, the name of the award is added to this plaque to indicte what the award is called and who created it.  An aside, Andy Batty's name is the last name on this plaque - he was given the "Perpetual Award", but there was not an award named after him. 


Many of the award trophies were given to the honoree to "hold" for the year.  When it was time for the next person to receive the award, the trophy was to be returned and passed to the next honoree.  Unfortunately many trophies were never returned and were lost.   

Many Sailing Trophies - no longer handed out as there is no longer sailing.  One of the duties of the Fleet Captain was to maintain records of who won what races to determine who would get different trophies. 

Sally Erb


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