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Brick Paver Dedications

RJYC has been and continues to be a wonderful place where members, their family and friends make long-lasting memories. With thanks to its current and former members, the club continues to meet its stated purpose of 1946: “The club will endeavor to provide accommodations for the diversified interests of the members…. Boating, Hunting, Fishing, Sports, and Social Activities.” Well done! Our founding members carved out a gem in the Finger Lakes of Upstate New York, and its membership, past and present, continue to nurture and polish it.

Make your mark on RJYC History

As the Red Jacket Yacht Club embarks on it’s 70th anniversary, members of the club have begun a project to commemorate the people and memories of the club.

A special garden path around the flagpole on the front lawn of the RJYC will be created. The purchase of a personalized dedication brick paver will provide a unique opportunity to remember a loved one, honor a family member, and make your mark on the rich RJYC history.

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